Tech Behind — COVID ’19 — Sri Lankan Updates Dashboard

Corona-virus, aka COVID ’19 became a buzz world to world and Sri Lanka’s interest also raises with the second COVID’19 positive patient identification.

Google Search Trends — Sri Lanka


Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health — Sri Lanka Provides PDF Reports every day.

Epidemiology Unit — Ministry of Sri Lanka’s Website SITREP Updates

I took the old School PDF and Converted it into Interactive Dashboard with Google Data Studio.

COVID ’19 Updates Dashboard — By Nisal Chandrasekara

Converting PDF’s into Excel Sheets and Updating the Interactive Dashboard is happening automatically for every 15 minutes.

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PDF to Google Sheet Conversion

Scraping & Publishing of News Posts are queued to a Google Sheet and validation is handled by Me (Nisal Chandrasekara)

Google Data Studio provides an easy to use drag and drop like UI for the developers and Publishing of edit does not take a single second.

At first, it became a frustrating experience but with some help of docs related to Google Data Studio Geo Maps I got to know that it was not something I have to code or define all the way to color an area for province or district in Sri Lanka.

Geographical IDs are also usable to those who need deeper extraction of location in Geo-Maps. But unfortunately Sri Lanka has only 6 records to it for the 2020–03–03 update.

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Geo Target CSV File — Sri Lanka Cities — 2020–03–03

I did complete the Dashboard UI with the help of longitudes and latitudes from google maps and Zoom area feature of Geo-maps.

Responsive Google Data Studio -Iframe with JS Tweak

Google Data Studio does not normally supports the Responsive Layouts but you can do some tweaks with JS to make it more User Friendly.

Finally added a sharethis plugin for sharing purposes and some JS Tweaks to make the dashboard mobile responsive

Link to Dashboard –

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